As I started to think about the blog for the BRReps site I felt this could be a great way to share “gear” lists.

We are ALL adventurers of some kind. Whether you are a mountain biker, world traveler, backcountry skier, or experienced shopper, we all have “adventures” that we prepare for and can share our must haves. Here is one my adventures. Tell us about your adventure and your gear!

Offshore Fishing:

One of my favorite adventures is to get offshore with my friends and family and get some much needed fishing therapy.

While it is not ascending a mountain or traveling in some “far flung” country, it requires the same amount of gear preparation. When you are 75 miles off shore you are at the mercy of the weather and the gear you have chosen for the trip.

Some of my must haves for this trip are:

ExOfficio Sol Cool long sleeve: The sun is relentless and there is NO cover so UPF 50 plus and maximum coverage is a must. Icefil coating on this shirt keeps you cool when you are sweating.

I also love my ExOfficio Nio Amphi shorts: So light you feel like you are wearing nothing. They also have a great tool pocket on the leg for a knife or pliers. Plus when they get wet they dry almost instantly. Layered with my Give n Go Boxers they are the perfect bottoms combo.

Migrator crew, light fleece: Most times when you leave for this kind of trip the sun has not come up yet or you are fishing over night. Without the sun it can get rather cold on the water.  The Migrator fleece is a micro fleece with great warmth to weight properties. Also warm if it get’s wet while you are out.

Rain Logic Jacket: The Rain Logic jacket is as much for rain protection as it is for ocean spray and wind. Just like in the mountains if you can stop the convection heat loss (wind stealing body heat) you will remain much warmer!  Packablity means that you have it when you want it and not taking up space when you don’t. This jacket literally disappears when you pack it away.

Grunden’s overalls for covering my bottom half (over the Nio amphi shorts) they are the right product for the environment. You are usually cutting bait, cleaning fish and in a general dirty environment. Breathability is not the key here but the ability to hose your self down is a bigger need.

For footwear I go back and fourth between sandals (Chaco’s) and my boat boots (Gill Waterboots). Vasque has not developed appropriate footwear for the marine market. Again like the Grunden’s the right product for the environment, boat boots keep the “gross” off of your feet and are easy to hose off.  ALWAYS wear with my Darn Tough Micro Crew socks.  (wool is naturally antimicrobial and cool in hot climates)

Keeping it all together is a paramount. You have very little extra space so you want to maximize your ability to grab what you need quickly: Eagle Creek Cubes in COLORS.  Cubes are great for organizing your stuff in a boat and your gear bag.  I like the colors because if I need to grab something quickly I know what color I packed it in and I can save time digging around. Colors also allow for me better explain to others where things are if I cannot get them myself.

Katadyn My Bottle micro filter. Water on boats is held in their water tanks (water tanks can be pretty nasty since they are not used often.) The My Bottle micro filter is a great way to always have SAFE and fresh tasting water while at sea. Note this is not a desalinator (removes salt from ocean water) but is a great product for fixing the “potable” water that is stored on board.

These are a few of my gear choices. Please feel free to send us your list of gear choices for your adventures. Please do not forget to include a photo, and we will get it up on the site. For each submission we receive we will send you a piece of our BRReps favorite gear!