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As I started to think about the blog for the BRReps site I felt this could be a great way to share “gear” lists. We are ALL adventurers of some kind. Whether you are a mountain biker, world traveler, backcountry skier, or experienced shopper, we all have “adventures” that we prepare for and can share […]

Chaco Blog

  • #INTERVIEWED: Amanda VanVels
    Photographer Amanda VanVels has a knack for capturing life on film. After taking some Chaco sandals and boots for a jaunt through California, we caught up with her to talk shop. So Amanda, where do you call home? What brought you out there? Right now I’m living in Los Angeles. I moved to L.A. in October from Michigan. I really hated the winter, so I got out of there. I’m spending [...]

Nikwax Blog

  • How To Wash Smelly Athletic Clothes
    Removing odors from stinky gym clothes can seem an impossible task. No matter how often you wash them, the minute you hit the gym the knockout odors come back. Smelly athletic clothes are embarrassing, feel gross, and do not perform … Continue reading →