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As I started to think about the blog for the BRReps site I felt this could be a great way to share “gear” lists. We are ALL adventurers of some kind. Whether you are a mountain biker, world traveler, backcountry skier, or experienced shopper, we all have “adventures” that we prepare for and can share […]

Chaco Blog

  • 5 Steps to Bailing from The Dirtbag Diaries
      "The reality of climbing is, if you climb long enough, you're bound to bail," writes Dean Fleming. "I've left rappel biners on sport bolted 5.8s. I've bailed from trees, chockstones, fixed cams, and Manzanita bushes. Sure, sometimes my pride gets a little dinged, but so far I've survived some pretty weird situations."   We figured with that kind [...]

Nikwax Blog

  • How an Olympic hopeful cleans gear hand-me-downs
    By Matt Blair Skeleton is an odd sport. You can’t just go to your local sporting goods franchise and buy sport specific spikes, speed suits, sleds and helmets. So how do we athletes get our gear? Most of the gear … Continue reading →