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As I started to think about the blog for the BRReps site I felt this could be a great way to share “gear” lists. We are ALL adventurers of some kind. Whether you are a mountain biker, world traveler, backcountry skier, or experienced shopper, we all have “adventures” that we prepare for and can share […]

Chaco Blog

  • Turn Up For New Shoelaces and Refresh Your Chaco Boots.
    Shown Above: The Brio, Natilly and Roland Looking to refresh the look of your Chaco Mountain Lifestyle boots? Simply swap out your laces with exciting new colors and patterns.  To do this we visited our local shoe store, and came home with a dozen new lace colors and patterns.  Find Inspiration below and upload your own ideas to the Chacosphere. The Brio with original yellow lace a [...]

Nikwax Blog

  • Why wetting out is BAD
    How is your gear performing? Have you been caught out in the rain and your expensive rain jacket doesn’t keep you dry the way it used to?  “Why am I soaked? I thought this jacket was waterproof!” you wonder. Wetting … Continue reading →