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As I started to think about the blog for the BRReps site I felt this could be a great way to share “gear” lists. We are ALL adventurers of some kind. Whether you are a mountain biker, world traveler, backcountry skier, or experienced shopper, we all have “adventures” that we prepare for and can share […]

Chaco Blog

    Danielle Kroll is an artist and illustrator living in Brooklyn. You can find her work at and on Instagram at @daniellekroll. Who are you and what do you do professionally? I’m Danielle Kroll and I’m a working artist, illustrator, and designer. I do mostly commissioned illustrations and design work, along with my own personal work And where do you call home? Right [...]

Nikwax Blog

  • Outdoor Adventures with Baby
    I cannot pretend to be an expert in getting babies outdoors. I have only one offspring thus far, and what works for one family may very well be hell for another. Every baby is different and develops at different speeds. … Continue reading →